Quality and standards

In order to achieve our aims, the university recruits leading academics and administrators with the necessary skills and experience to deliver quality online education. Given the flexible nature of the delivery of education in a virtual university, tutors are sourced locally, regionally, and internationally. A local institution with a global outlook will raise the benchmarks in the provision of higher education locally and raise Uganda's higher education profile globally. At VUU we embrace the principle of global knowledge for local action.

Given the demand for greater accountability at all levels in the education process at tertiary level, the Virtual University of Uganda has set up a Quality Assurance unit responsible for Quality Assurance at all levels of university teaching and administration. Against its mission of providing third-level education of the highest quality, the Virtual University of Uganda is aware of the need to ensure relevance in relation to all programmes taught, and how the operations of the university are run, so that it can aspire to become a “centre of excellence” in the field of tertiary education.

Even though the concept of quality is not easy to define, especially in relation to teaching and learning in higher education, it can be described as the process of ensuring that institutions of higher learning provide education that is “fit for the purpose” for which it is meant, that is: measuring courses and programmes against their objectives and overall mission of the institution.

In setting up this unit in the university – which is located in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor – the university seeks to ensure that all academic departments are aware of the changing needs of society, students themselves, and their eventual employers, and implement appropriate programmes to meet these needs that all stakeholders trust Virtual University of Uganda to implement the recommendations of its quality assurance mechanisms in the pursuit of constant improvement.